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Interprocess Communication in BB10

One of the most recent features in BB10 was the addition of Headless Services. A headless application (or service, as it’s called) is one without a graphical interface, or head, for the user to interact with. It’s generally a slim body of code that runs in the background as an event handler on behalf of […]

Hackathon, then Limbo

After the hackathon, I eagerly submitted my application to BlackBerry world. It was accepted quickly and I was greeted with the option to publish my application for public consumption. However, before doing that, I decided to apply for the ‘Built For Blackberry’ certification and use the results of their testing to gauge whether the application […]

BlackBerry Hackathon

Last weekend, BlackBerry had an internal hackathon for employees interested in developing applications for the upcoming Q10. The prize for submitting an application was a red, limited edition Z10. For this event, BlackBerry was willing to waive the restrictive intellectual property policy that once governed employee submissions. Thus, all employees were given the ability to […]

Working with the Blackberry Platform Services (BPS), Part 3

In this installment, I’d like to touch upon the new sensor API. This is only available in the NDK 2.0 and later and it replaced the old accelerometer API. Through this API, a developer would be able to query for the accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope (if there is one), temperature, light, etc. The list of supported […]

Working with the Blackberry Platform Services (BPS), Part 2

The last post in this series talked about setting up BPS and getting an event loop running. In this post, I’ll detail out how screen event handling might work as well as any miscellaneous bits of code that you might need. If you recall, after the screen has been initialized and your window properties set, […]

Working with the Blackberry Platform Services (BPS), Part 1

I’ve received many questions about the best way to use BPS. The Blackberry Platform Services, or BPS for short, is an API that allows your application to receive events form the system on the Blackberry 10/Playbook OS. It is similar to the Win32 APIs that allow you to create and control a window. The API […]

PlayBook 2.0 Released

The long awaited PlayBook 2.0 upgrade is finally out. The software has come a long way since it’s inception last year. Many cool features, native email, and probably the single most anticipated feature – the Android Player. Yes, you will be able to run Android games on the device but be warned that not all […]

Device Destruction

RIM, like any other hardware manufacturer, puts its devices through some abuse before they hit the market. Here is an Example of how these devices are put through punishment. Having used many of RIM’s devices, including ones that were only prototypes, I can say that they are durable. I’ve dropped my Bold 9900 on concrete, […]