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How Tough of a Mudder am I?

It’s been months since the last time I used any of my sports equipment; winter has that effect on me. I tend to sit around, busing myself with the occasional snow shoveling or home project. But now that the snow has begun to melt and the temperature is above freezing, its the perfect time to […]

Book Publishing

I was recently contacted by a representative from Packt Publishing. They are commissioning a book on OpenGL and were looking for authors. I was chosen based off my resume, which is posted here, and my blog. Having been lacking in interesting ideas to write about, I was surprised that it was enough to be chosen. […]

Monopolistic Encounter

I’ve always supported the work done by OpenMedia, but mainly in principal. Any industry that provides a service to the people should have competition and should provide it at a cost that is reasonable. That same service should be customer agnostic and it should not keep information about the customer’s usage habits. Lastly, once the […]