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Archive for February, 2012

Bill C-30, con’t.

Early last week I signed a petition opposing bill C-30. I also sent an email to Vic Toews explaining my opposition to his bill. I just recieved an email back from him stating (and I’m paraphrasing here) that Canada has a vulnerability that needs to be fixed: “Canada’s laws currently do not adequately protect Canadians […]

PlayBook 2.0 Released

The long awaited PlayBook 2.0 upgrade is finally out. The software has come a long way since it’s inception last year. Many cool features, native email, and probably the single most anticipated feature – the Android Player. Yes, you will be able to run Android games on the device but be warned that not all […]

OpenGL ES on Windows

OpenGL ES is meant for embedded systems (that’s what the ES stands for). But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck developing for and testing your code specifically in an embedded environment. I’ve recently stumbled upon an OpenGL ES Emulator by the people at malideveloper (they may have ties to ARM). It shows promise and from some […]

Device Destruction

RIM, like any other hardware manufacturer, puts its devices through some abuse before they hit the market. Here is an Example of how these devices are put through punishment. Having used many of RIM’s devices, including ones that were only prototypes, I can say that they are durable. I’ve dropped my Bold 9900 on concrete, […]


Welcome to my new and improved website. I’ve done away with the old one since it has not been updated in a while. And, also, it was about time that my website deserved a splash of CSS and JQuery. What to expect: I am a software developer and therefore, it is only logical that my […]