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Welcome to my new and improved website. I’ve done away with the old one since it has not been updated in a while. And, also, it was about time that my website deserved a splash of CSS and JQuery.

What to expect:
I am a software developer and therefore, it is only logical that my blog posts will have poor grammar and many code snippets. At one time, there was a blog on this website but it became outdated and seldom used. Posts about my hobbies will probably end up on this website, such as role playing games, home improvement projects that I’m currently undertaking, and security related stuff that I read about.

Who am I:
Just your friendly neighbourhood coder. My resume is available for viewing and if you desire to contact me, use the Contact page. I have been programming since before Netscape ruled the earth. I discovered programming through my dad and family, and my first programming project was a silly game in QBasic. That was over 15 years ago.

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