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Book Publishing

I was recently contacted by a representative from Packt Publishing. They are commissioning a book on OpenGL and were looking for authors. I was chosen based off my resume, which is posted here, and my blog. Having been lacking in interesting ideas to write about, I was surprised that it was enough to be chosen.

The book was to be next in their line of ‘cookbook‘ series of books. The topic: a beginners guide to OpenGL. Immediately, my first thoughts were to research if the email was legitimate. A google search turned up the website of Daniel Schneller, a recent author of the MySQL Admin Cookbook. I read the parts of his blog that dealt with the book and found them very informative. I also conversed with him over email and he managed to answer many questions for him. Thank you, Daniel.

What frightened me was the timeline that the book was to be written in. My time after work has been rather saturated with tasks, such as home improvement, and family functions, such as birthdays and thanksgiving. I would be giving up a great deal to write this book. So, a co-author was needed.

I asked several people for help. First was a former co-worker, Marek Krzeminski. He knows a great deal about OpenGL and game development and hosts many tutorials about it. Turns out, he was approached a month ago about this same book but turned it down because of the time restrictions. Writing 300 pages alone within a 5 month period is daunting.

My second choice was to email an employee of RIM to which I had some contact with. He is one of the developers of the GamePlay Engine and an OpenGL guru. Unfortunately, his interest weaned the more we talked about the book. Ultimately, he declined the offer.

In the end, it would have been nice to publish a book. People tend to look at you in an admiring fashion when you mention that a book was published with your name on it. But, ultimately I had too decline the offer.

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