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How Tough of a Mudder am I?

It’s been months since the last time I used any of my sports equipment; winter has that effect on me. I tend to sit around, busing myself with the occasional snow shoveling or home project. But now that the snow has begun to melt and the temperature is above freezing, its the perfect time to start something. Time to finally get off my butt; and what better than training for Tough Mudder!

All of my endevours start with a dive into research and this one is no different. The fitness folks over on reddit recommend the c25k, or the couch-to-5k regiment. I’m just finishing my first week and I found my body still had a bit of stamina left over form last year. So instead of doing all 9 weeks in succession, I’ve decided to start somewhere in the middle, at around week 5.

Now I must warn those that think they can do this. Last summer, I traveled about 30km on bike and about 15km on rollerblades (one way, as opposed to both ways by bike) almost daily. Muscle and stamina bounces back easily if you’ve done vigorous exercises in recent history. Instead of taking a full month to build muscle, you might take half the time if at one point you had it. There probably is a science to this, but I’m a bit lazy at the moment. So, if you want to do what I did, combine the regiment of c25k into a shortened time span, spending roughly two days on one weeks worth of workout. Do this for your first four or five weeks.

The biggest Touch Mudder challenge will be Blue Mountain’s grade. Running on a flat surface will give you the stamina needed to endure an hour of running, but your legs might give out when you have to run up a 45 degree incline. So, if you need leg strength, intersperse your running with a climb of stairs.

Tough Mudder here I come.

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