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Hackathon, then Limbo

After the hackathon, I eagerly submitted my application to BlackBerry world. It was accepted quickly and I was greeted with the option to publish my application for public consumption. However, before doing that, I decided to apply for the ‘Built For Blackberry’ certification and use the results of their testing to gauge whether the application will be public.

Sufficed to say, the application was not accepted due to it’s features not being apparent or easily distinguishable. Surprised, I was not. One cannot hack together an application over a weekend and hope to meet their standard. A quick follow up with the BFB team yielded some insight into why it was rejected (their original email was light on details): lack of tutorial and integration with the system.

The initial feedback was given about a week after I submitted the application and the reply to my follow up occurred 8 days later. It has been a total of 15 days since the application was submitted. Quick would not be the word I’d choose to describe their process. Regardless, time has not been wasted and I’ve managed to rework much of my Planning Poker application. I’m hoping to have a feature rich, robust, and easy to use application for their consideration by week’s end.

Just a word of advice to those that are going through this process: It takes about a week for the BFB team to reply. If you are rejected, their emails may be vague or contain no reason as to why it was rejected. Be persistent and ask lots of questions.

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