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A New Project Was Born

Earlier last year, I had an idea for a cool project. Imagine a device that could automate home heating and cooling by analysing sensor data inside and outside of the house. Yes, there are solutions on the market that already do this. But where is the fun in buying something premade?

So, here is a basic sketch of the project:

At the centre of it all, is the “Base Station”. Its job is to aggregate data from sensors, drive an LCD to show relevant data, pull weather data from the web, and to adjust the temperature via the furnace or air conditioner. Each remote sensor would be powered by an Arduino Nano or similar. It would spend 99% of it’s time in an ultra-low power state; occasionally waking up to read its attached sensor(s) for data and relay it back to the Base Station. There would be four of these sensors indoors (one in each room), plus an extra one outdoors in the back yard.

And that’s it; sounds simple, eh? Yeah right.

Stay tuned; I’ll be documenting my progress under an aptly-named category: Project Wife-is-too-cold.

One Response to “A New Project Was Born”

  • Ed Darby

    Hi Mark,

    I found your blog as I was looking for info on the NanoPi LVDS connection, top work sir 🙂

    As for “Project Wife-is-too-cold” I’ve done something similar with a bunch of the old blue ESP8266 modules attached to DHT22 sensors (programmed with the ESP Easy firmware) that feed into a Domoticz setup hosted on and old Raspberry Pi (model B I think…..) all controlled via Node-Red on the same Pi.

    The logic behind it is that the DHT22’s send their temperature data to Domoticz via MQTT, Node-Red then parses that data and then acts on it, it works pretty well so far! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


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