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OpenGL ES on Windows

OpenGL ES is meant for embedded systems (that’s what the ES stands for). But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck developing for and testing your code specifically in an embedded environment. I’ve recently stumbled upon an OpenGL ES Emulator by the people at malideveloper (they may have ties to ARM). It shows promise and from some quick tests, you can get it rendering in a standard window without any issues. But, like with any simulator technology, take it with a grain of salt. Experience dictates that differences between the emulator and actual hardware will differ at some level. Ergo, you will run into issues that only manifest on the emulator and not on a physical device (most, being, in the form of visual glitches).

There is, also, an implementation of OpenGL ES that sits atop DirectX 9. I have not tried this library yet, but given that the activity level is high suggests that bug fixes are frequent. It shows promise.

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