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VS Project file (vcproj) to Makefile conversion

In my quest for gcc-visual studio interoperability, I have come across a tool that aids in the conversion of Visual Studio project files (vcproj) into UNIX make files. This tool is called Winemaker and as of version 1.1.19 it converts the contents of dsp, dsw, vcproj and sln files into a makefile. Now, I haven’t looked into this tool in depth but it seems promising. My intent is to use it as a pre-build step to generate (or update) a makefile that will then drive the compilation process using gcc. Two other alternatives are make-it-so and sln2mak.

Make-it-so would make a great candidate if you’re writing a Visual Studio plugin since it’s already written in C#. It is frequently updated, judging by it’s activity. I would say that it is preferable to sln2mak.

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